Turn your phone & gun into a portable shooting simulator

No need to spend $1000s on expensive virtual simulators. Virtual-Shot enables you to create a virtual shooting range on your phone!

What is Virtual-Shot™?

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Unmatched ballistic accuracy makes it worth a purchase

... And Many More Reasons ...

Unlike other dry fire simulators, Virtual-Shot will enable you to practice with real bullet drop and wind effects at all distances.

Fully customizable ranges where you control the target type, distance, movement and even wind conditions.

100+ levels, ranges and mini games with everything from hunting deer, IPSC style gallery shoots, steel challenge levels, junkyard challenges, zombies and even insurgent combat levels in the app.

video shooting course taught by a veteran Army Sniper so you can take your shooting to the next level from the comfort of your own home.

Advanced shooting analytics that enable you to review barrel movement before and after shots to perfect your breathing trigger manipulation and shot release.

Professional built in shot timer so you can break down your shooting and work on improving split times between shots.

Order your Virtual Shot today
  • Virtual Shot pistol mount

    Available in Pistol or Rifle Mount

    Attaches to any picatinny rail or pistol accessory rail and holds a mobile phone ready to use the Virtual-Shot™ app.

  • Your phone + Mobile App

    Accurately tracks the riflesmovement anddetects dry firingto enable realistic shooting practice with 100+ ranges, levels and games.

  • Practice without ammo!

    Get your guns out of storage! No need to spend $1000s on expensive virtual simulators. Virtual-Shot enables you to create a virtual shooting range on your own phone!

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Virtual Shot FAQ

How does it register trigger pull?

Virtual-Shot uses both the phones sensors and microphone to detect the dry fire sound of real guns, air guns, airsoft, paintball and gel blasters.  The sound detection algorithm will detect pretty much anything that makes a click sound when dry firing.

Can Virtual-Shot be used on any weapon?

Virtual-Shot is a dry fire training system, this means that you can use Virtual-Shot on any weapon that you can dry fire on (rifles, pistols, air rifles, airsoft rifles, paintball guns, gel blasters... pretty much anything that can be dry fired. 

Will I have to continually rack or cycle the bolt of my weapon

Virtual-Shot is a dry fire training system.  So on real firearms unless you have a double action trigger or are using a dry fire system such as the dry fire mag, Mantis Blackbeard or Coolfire Trainer that resets the trigger yes you will need to reset your trigger. On airsoft, gel blasters and other gas blow back systems you will be able to use the system without doing this.

Does Virtual-Shot work for left handed firers?

Yes, you can adjust your dominant hand preference in the game settings.

How does Virtual-Shot update its software?

All software changes will update on your phone through the app stores. This means that as the sim is improved and expanded you will get easy access to more and more content.

Will it work on my phone?

The tracking software is quite processor heavy so you will need a modern smartphone manufactured from 2019 onward.  For iPhones you will need an iPhone6s or later. For Android the best way to check is to visit theGoogle Play store link here.  If you can download the app your phone is compatible. The Picatinny Phone mount will hold phones with a width no narrower than 61mm and no wider than 77mm so you might have to remove bulky phone cases. The Pistol Mount will cater for all phone sizes.

Will Dry firing damage my rifle?

It is a common misconception that dry firing damages firing pins. We have used dry firing as a training technique for decades on both rifles and pistols and never had an issue with firing pin damage. On centerfire rifles, when no cartridge is present the tip of the firing pin strikes nothing in the breech, instead it is stopped by the bolt itself. The force of the firing pin being stopped by the bolt on center fire rifles is negligible. On a rim fire rifle however, the firing pin will hit the hard steel of the breechface and if done excessively can cause damage to the pin. It is for this reason that we recommend that you look at your weapon manufacturers guidelines on dry firing and if it is not recommended use snap caps they will work perfectly well with Virtual-Shot.

Do you have customer support?

You can get in touch with customer support atinfo@virtual-shot.com.We try to answer all inquiries within 24 hrs.