We teamed up with DryFireMag!

We teamed up with DryFireMag!

Simulation Training Group, creator of Virtual-Shot, has teamed up with DryFireMag to offer an even better training experience. Also known as the trigger reset mag...

DryFireMag allows for consecutive shots, without racking the slide on real steel pistols. Build muscle memory with each pull of the trigger using your own pistol! Magazines are currently offered for most full-frame GLOCKs, Springfield XD, Smith & Wesson M&P, and Sig Sauer.

The collaboration offers the ultimate training system for serious shooters! A virtual training simulation from the comfort of your home, paired with audible and tactical trigger resets without manipulating the slide, is a game-changer.

Virtual-Shot and DryFireMag are offering an exclusive discount to customers pairing the two systems together, expanding the savings made from training at home. Purchase either the pistol or rifle mount to claim your discount from DryFireMag and vice versa.

For more information about DryFireMag, visit www.dryfiremag.com

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