Daryl has fifteen years military experience, specializing in Infantry, Training, Operations Management and Simulation. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems and Management and holds diplomas in business and teaching. After leaving full time service, he has worked predominately in Web & Software Development.


Matt has nineteen years military experience, predominantly in Special Operations, and Training Institutions. He holds a bachelor of Information Systems and diplomas in Management and Training. He has significant experiences in strategic problem solving and military modernization. Notably, he worked with a number of foreign military and law enforcement services on the development of training systems and technological adaptions and innovations.


Simon has over ten years of military and private security contracting experience, spending the majority of his time as a sniper in the Infantry before leading mobile protection teams providing security for Australian diplomats. He has deployed and operated in multiple theatres, including Afghanistan and Iraq with the Australian Army and as a private contractor. He has extensive experience in training and development of both domestic and foreign forces in Infantry skills and is particularly passionate about marksmanship training.