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Airsoft Europe Video Review

  • Barry Peterson -

    I've had my Virtual Shot for a few weeks and I'm really enjoying it. It's a nice addition to my dry fire routine, adding a little more realism, skill, and fun. Check out Barry's video review https://youtu.be/gAWBPhJKJNU

  • Stephen Brown -

    "You have produced a brilliant product and I have a big grin every time I used it.  There are many options to pick from the Range mode to the mini games. I know I am getting better with my aiming and control by using the VIRTUAL-SHOT. 

    Again, a brilliant product and I wished you thought of it sooner"

  • Nikko Badoles -

    "Such a fun way to sharpen your skills while at home and getting your moneys worth from your toys while not breaking the bank on ammunition."

  • Michael Gonzalez -

    "Well, yesterday I got the Virtual-Shot and I have to say I love it. It is a lot of fun. I used for 3 hours before I had to get some work done. This is something I would recommend to all my friends. I love how it is simple to setup and use. All the ranges and games you can play. The only thing I can see that would be a problem is I am going to spend a lot of time using it. Which is not really a problem. 😂"

  • Ruben Sanchez -

    "De las mejores compras que he realizado en años! Es una herramienta fantástica para el fuego en seco que complementa el entrenamiento diario. Recomendable 100%!"

  • John Grant Little -

    "I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Virtual-Shot on many different setups. Here’s a fantastic example of how versatile this new device can be. From AR’s to bolt actions to lever guns, the Virtual-Shot is really one of the best powder free ranges money can buy!"

  • Erik Ebel -

    "I bought the Virtual Shot device 1 week ago and it came really fast. I am an Airsoft Player and it is really hard to play Airsoft in the pandemic situation. That's the reason for buying this device to train the aim and the muscle memory. So I mounted it on my G&G Firehawk (as you can see in the attached pictures) and used it with the normal mode (with the scope) and in the red dot mode. Both of them worked pretty good! Furthermore my dominant hand is the left one, its really nice that you can change the mode between left, center, and right. My smartphone fits perfect in the device and it doesn't move in any way which gives me a safe feeling! The game modes really good. The Tracking of the smartphone works perfect even in a low light environment.

    I personally use the Airsoft with a battery and the shots come every time I pull the trigger which is pretty satisfying and fantastic to see that it works that well."

  • Milton Sequeira -

    "Best learning shooting platform. With so many shooting apps on the market, this is the best and the only one that creates the perfect combination between virtual and reality as it allows me to use my own weapon, whether with a scope or red do it's simply spectacular.

    With the limited availability of ranges open to public it makes it difficult to maintain consistency and improve skills. With Virtual-Shot I'm able to train at home or anywhere for that matter. "

  • Rick -

    "This really pushes dry fire exercises to another level.  It'll take some time for me to fully try out the ballistics in this system, but even with the most basic of calculations, it'll be better than lasers or the like. This will pay for itself in one trip to the range considering travel, ammo and fees.

    Obviously, it won't replace live fire, but I can see trips to the range being more efficient as a result of this product.

    Between the convenience, software and support, the system is well worth the price right out of the box, not to mention fun, with the mini-games.  They're pretty challenging as you move up through the levels. There's quite a lot here, including video lessons with exercises. There are also military qualification ranges.  I can imagine that over time, the available features will grow as well."